An experienced Project Manager, Change Manager and Cyber Security Expert.  Below you will find an overview of the areas that I specialise in.

Project Management

Assisted with development of a business case to implement and deploy a new Workforce Management solution into  retail stores around Australia.  Developed performance management metrics and baselines for the project deliverables, continuously ensuring that project objectives were measurable and performance expectations were met.  Teamed with top management & department heads to help define the strategy for employee engagement.

Developed the Kronos system implementation and deployment project management plan and project schedule for the implementation of Kronos into a FMCG organisation.  Managed the implementation and deployment of the Kronos solution throughout the organisation working closely with senior management and workshop managers in all locations.

Change Management

Supporting an organisation complete an organizational restructure successfully. Responsibilities included:

  • Developed change management strategies, conduct stakeholder analysis, impact assessments and devise appropriate plans
  • Created the Change Strategy to align vision and required activities to achieve success.
  • Provided Change Leadership guidance and support to the Senior Managers to ensure that they supported the change.
  • Created a suite of clear processes and templates for impacted Managers to ensure impacted employees were managed effectively throughout the change.
  • Collaborated closely with HR to realise the low level HR changes.
  • Formed and maintain productive working relationships with HR consultants in business units to ensure successful transition to the new environment
  • Created clear communications packs for the affected employees as well as a broader range of stakeholder to increase understanding and acceptance of the change.

The organisational change was completed with employees being moved to new positions successfully. Steady state plans were created for impacted managers and benefits have been endorsed by the Senior Managers.

Cyber Security in Practice

Diligent Cyber Security Specialist proficient in online security research planning execution and maintenance. Adept at training and educating internal users on relevant cyber security procedures and preventative measures. Specialize in network monitoring security software installation and working to prevent cyber attacks especially in business and corporate settings.